Picture Above  L – R: Fiona Donald (Chief Winemaker, Seppeltsfield), Kingsley Fuller (Group Viticulturist, Seppeltsfield), Dr. Mardi Longbottom (Manager – Sustainability and Viticulture, Australian Wine Research Institute). Photographer – Dragan Radocaj.  


All wineries and vineyards that form part of the Randall Wine group use the Freshcare Australian Wine Industry Standard of Sustainable Practice – Winery Standard and the Sustainable Winegrowing Australia program, to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability for the benefits of the environment, our business, our community, and the Australian Wine Industry.

We demonstrate this by our commitment and compliance to the requirements of the: Freshcare Australian Wine Industry Standard of Sustainable Practice – Winery Standard and the Freshcare Rules; Sustainable Winegrowing Australia; and legislative requirements; to ensure we safeguard the natural environment in which our business operates.

We have developed a Sustainability Action Plan to help guide continual improvements and outcomes in sustainability within our business. We inform all our workers of our business’ commitment to Sustainability and review this statement annually in conjunction with the Sustainability Action Plan.

We do all of this to build a strong sustainable business as well as to leave the land we work on in a better, thriving state for the future generations.

We will achieve this by continuous improvement in all areas across our business. We believe our biggest impact can be made by:

  • Monitoring our water usage and looking for opportunities to conserve and find new sources of water;
  • Reducing our waste by repurposing, reusing and recycling wherever possible;
  • Creating more areas of biodiversity and nurturing what we already have;
  • Making use of everything we take from the land such as collecting the leftover grape (grape marc) and stalks to be used on farms for livestock feed or
    compost, this in-turn reduces the farm’s carbon emissions; and
  • Continuously educating staff on how they can contribute to a better environment both within the business and in their homes so we can have an even greater impact.

We are documenting all of the above so that over time we can measure the difference we have made.

With total land holdings of close to 9,000 hectares in various areas of South Australia, we believe our changes will not be making just a small improvement to the environment but they will be a significant one.

Put simply, sustainability it is the right thing to do for our business, our land and our people.

Click here to learn more about Sustainable Winegrowing Australia.

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