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PARAmedic bottle health check service

Owner, collector or inheritor of a bottle of Para? Would you like to have your bottle professionally identified, quality checked or reconditioned by a Seppeltsfield winemaker? 

Introducing PARAmedic bottle health check. An official service provided by Seppeltsfield to ensure your bottle is in the best condition possible for ongoing cellaring or secondary sale.



  • Identification of your bottle including contents, release date and bottling date (if available).
  • Wine is removed from the bottle and cold stabilised to remove any sediment.
  • Bottle is cleaned internally and the wine returned.
  • Wine is topped with a small amount of Tawny material relevant to the bottle presented.
  • The cork stopper or cork is replaced and foil/neck decoration replaced, matching original style where possible.
  • Bottle is sealed with an authorised PARAmedic neck label, signed and dated by the inspecting Seppeltsfield winemaker.



  • Initial inspection to identify bottle and analyse contents for faults //  $15
  • Bottle reconditioning – Year Dated Para Liqueur, Bottling Number Para Liqueur, Family Series & Anniversary Para Liqueur  //  $20
  • Bottle reconditioning – 100 Year Old Para Tawny & Centennial Collection  // $100
  • All inspections and bottle reconditioning complemented with a PARAmedic Bill of Health report.



To book your bottle in for a PARAmedic Bottle Health Check, contact  |  Ph. 08 8568 6217 

Click here to download printable PARAmedic brochure