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Seppeltsfield Raspberry Cordial

Seppeltsfield Raspberry Cordial

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  • Colour

    Vibrant ruby pink


    Candied raspberry and floral perfume


    Raspberry, cherry and candied fruits of the forest, with a gentle and refreshing touch of acidity to finish

    Winemaker's Comments

    A wonderfully refreshing cordial with bursts of raspberry and cherry, balanced by a gentle lick of acidity on the back palate.
  • Food Pairing

    Perfect refreshment to accompany a summer salad or fruit platter

    Mixing Recommendations

    Mix 1 part syrup with 4 parts water, soda or lemonade for a refreshing burst of flavour and energy.
  • Cordial History

    Along with wine, Seppeltsfield's history was founded on the diverse production of liqueurs, essences, spirits and cordials - a result of Joseph Seppelt's keen interest in the chemistry of aromats, oils, extracts and distillate flavourings. The Raspberry Cordial, now a South Australian icon, was first conceived by Joseph Seppelt in the 1800s, with evidence of the original recipe remaining under lock and key at the Barossa Valley estate. Generations have now grown up drinking Seppeltsfield Raspberry Cordial and it continues to be enjoyed by all ages.


    The Seppeltsfield Raspberry cordial is today crafted by our winemakers, who carefully assemble a blend using ingredients and techniques as close as possible to those originally scribed by Joseph. Whilst exact elements and their sources remain closely guarded, the subtle usage of vinegar as a preservative is said to play a particular roll in developing a heightened aroma and flavour profile.

    Volume Statement


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