‘Grounds’ Range

Our ‘Grounds’ releases are a study of the Barossa’s regional hero – Shiraz. Grown on single vineyard sites across the patchwork of the Barossa, our releases look to express the differences in terroirs of where our fruit is farmed.

Diving deeper into the detail of the Barossa’s sub-regionality, ‘Grounds’ applies a beguiling simplicity for what in European terms is often a complicated and complex idea of relationship between geography, geology, climate, history and anthropology.

‘Westing’ and ‘Northing’ take their cues from traditional terms used in the art and science of cartography (map-making), referring to a deviation toward a West or North direction.

The ‘Grounds’ releases from 2017 were the first wine releases from Seppeltsfield to include the NFC Protected technology innovation, which enables individual authentication of every bottle produced. By scanning a label located on the neck of the bottle, each wine can be identified as being genuine, as well as opening access to more detail about the wine and how it was made.

View the video below, to understand how to authenticate your bottles of Seppeltsfield ‘Grounds’ wine.