Seppeltsfield’s history is punctuated with many moments of visionary foresight. Seppeltsfield’s founder, Joseph Seppelt and his eldest son, Benno, were particularly renowned for their longer term vision for the estate, closely following custodianship principles to ensure a legacy was passed on to future generations.

This is no more evident than Benno Seppelt’s inception of the Centennial Cellar – a truly unique and unparalleled system of maturing single barrels of vintage Tawny for 100 years before release.

In 1866, plans to build a new bluestone cellar were started by Joseph. 12 years later in 1878 and
following the passing of his father, Benno completed the stone cellars. In a gesture both unique and inspirational, Benno selected a puncheon of his finest wine and gave instructions that it was not to be bottled for 100 years. This single barrel of 1878 Tawny port was to remain maturing in a separate room within the bluestone cellars, untouched in the same location 100 years. This special room would go on to become the ‘Centennial Cellar’ and the nursery where every bottle of Para Tawny is raised.

The tradition of laying down a barrel of the finest wine from each vintage was continued every year following and continues to do so today. The Centennial Cellar now comprises an unbroken lineage of every vintage of Para Tawny, from the current year back to 1878.

A Century later in 1978, the inaugural 1878 Para Vintage 100 Year Old Tawny was released, instantly becoming an icon of Australian winemaking heritage.

A living museum and undoubtedly the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the Seppeltsfield estate, the Centennial Cellar is an absolute must see for visitors. Unlike any other winery in the world, Seppeltsfield offers visitors the opportunity to experience the Centennial Cellar, including tasting both the 100 year old Para Tawny and birth year vintages.

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