Sorcha & Dan’s Wedding

Married on Seppeltsfield’s Winemaker’s Lawn on 27th of November 2015



Sorcha and Daniel met through weekend sport games and going to associated high schools. They had mutual friends and often attended the same house parties. Sorcha was intrigued by Daniel as the “cool older guy”, but it took some time for Daniel to muster up the courage to ask her out on a proper date.

A little while later, they purchased their first apartment together. While Sorcha went off to work, Daniel spent the afternoon setting their home up, moving furniture and unpacking boxes. When she returned, Daniel showed her round their new residence. He then turned to Sorcha and said he had more one more thing to show her; going down on one knee and opening a small box with a ring inside. She said yes!

When it came time to look for a venue for their big day, they immediately fell in love with Seppeltsfield’s historic grounds.

The wedding at Seppeltsfield almost didn’t happen, as the 2015 Pinery Bushfires had taken out power at the estate up until the morning of the big day. Sorcha was immensely grateful to the efforts of the SA emergency services in putting out the blazes and restoring power to the estate in time for their special day.

The gorgeous ivy-strewn wall framing the Winemaker’s Lawn provided a stunning backdrop for their ceremony. Sorcha elected for her favourite white peonies for her bridal bouquet and they also lined the aisle. The Vintage Cellar at the winery was the perfect base for them to work with to create an elegant yet casual reception, with more of Sorcha’s favourite flower arrangements adorning the bridal table. With a gin bar for guests, and the enticing aroma of maturing wines, it could not have been a more perfect celebration of the happy couple’s first night of many together.



Photography by Christopher Morrison  |  Catering by Owen Andrews Barossa Catering




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