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Tasting Notes


Youthful, medium density ruby in colour


Bright fruited, plummy with a savoury edge and notes of caraway seeds and Dutch liquorice


Fleshy and juicy, the wine displays a pomegranate acidity and terracotta type tannins

Winemaker's Comments

A variety known for its suitability to dry and arid climates. This Seppeltsfield style is medium bodied with no oak influence.


Wine Review

2019 Seppeltsfield Nero d\'Avola - A "new style" wine ready to go right now, with lovely purpley colour, a fragrant bouquet with lots of berries, herbs & a hint of olives, smooth tasty palate without the usually significant acidity & tannins on the finish of this variety, it is elegant, svelte & rearing to go with food enjoy today!


Dan Traucki

Additional Information


Food Pairing & Peak Drinking

Food Pairing

Napoli sauce-based pasta dishes, particularly Calabrese style, featuring black olives, salami and chilli

Peak Drinking

Enjoy now

Technical Information




Nero d'Avola 100%


Barossa, South Australia


The 2019 Seppeltsfield Barossa Nero d'Avola was planted on the estate in 2012, with 2019 being the first vintage to be released. The vineyard lies on the Southern boundary of the Seppeltsfield estate itself and is planted in East to West row direction. The varietal's ancestral home is the Italian island of Sicily, where it thrives in a hot, arid climate. Its potential in Australia is also recognised for its ability maintain acidity in warm climates, over the course of ripening.


The 2019 Barossa Nero d'Avola is crafted in a 'joven' style - released young and without oak maturation.

The Nero d'Avola was vinified through the historic 1888 Gravity Cellar. Built into the hillside on a series of terraces, gravity guides the flow of fruit down through the winery to deliver gentle extraction of colour, flavor and tannin.


'Joven' style - no oak


Fiona Donald



Volume Statement


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